Why Dealer?
Why do you have to wait for service?

We have everything in stock.

  • Lost key
  • Remote Control
  • Key Cut by code
  • Extra Key
  • Programming Immobilizer

We service all Domestic and Foreign vehicle. 


How can we get this done!!!

The only way to cut the new key shell is by using the key code if you have it or by a picture of your original key.

You can only find the key code on the emergency wallet key, as shown in the picture.

If you don't have the emergency key, you can take a picture of your original key blade or I will need a copy of the title of the vehicle or DMW registration, VIN number, Photo ID, License plate number
and email it to us at:

Key Cut Service Not including Blank Key
with spare key or key code provided $29.99
without spare key or key code provided $49.99
Price of blank key please call us at 559-441-7818

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